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My Problem With Skyrim Eggz

The following is a rant. You have been warned.

I have over TWO THOUSAND hours in Skyrim. That's like 83 days (and some change) not here, but in a magic world filled with all the comforts of a faraway place. I mean sure, I have other interests and I have friends and family. However, nothing has ever made me feel the same way that Skyrim has. A significant thing in this world that I LOVE doing is finding eggs. I like to just find a hint about an egg, or just a glimmer of a rumor, and I go and explore the vast landscape to find my next treasure. This all is why it makes me sad to say that despite all the advantages to this game, there are still problems I find with it and the eggs.

I absolutely HATE the variety of the heart put into the eggs. I like feel that some have entire quests around them and are these elaborate and well thought out masterpieces of code that i just want to keep exploring and exploring until I die. BUT some of these just suck. For example, I see other Skyrim con…
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Top 3 "Mini" Easter Eggz to Hunt TODAY

When I'm playing Skyrim, sometimes I just feel like there is no limit to what the game has in it. Sometimes its just the little things hidden here and there which  make me smile. Little things that the developers didn't have to put in there, but did anyway for our fun and enjoyment. I really appreciate that, and so to highlight the great work bestowed upon us by the great folks at Bethesda, here are 5 "Mini" Easter eggs. These are great gems and fun to find, but fair warning that some of these are just fun to find yourself. Its your call. 
1. MY Precious - Anyone who has experienced the Lord of the Rings, whether through the books or the movies, will remember the character Gollum. The small grey man who has his special little magic ring. Anyone who has heard him will probably remember the phrase "My Precious" from him, in reference to his ring. It is both horrifying and sad to hear the guy cry over the loss of it, when Bilbo takes it. In Skyrim, there is a…

A Search That Will Not Put You A-Head: Finding the Headless Horseman in Skyrim

Last week, I was watching Scooby Doo and rediscovered the episode where the gang of meddling kids stumble across the Headless Horseman. Now, I'm no expert on the Headless Horseman, but I do consider myself a connoisseur of both Scooby Doo and Skyrim. I am pleased to inform you that there is a Headless Horseman in Skyrim and I just so happen to know what you need to do to go and find him. Just follow these simple steps:
Give up.Go home.Eat a sweet-roll and drink some ale.Wait for my blog post next week.

     Now, I consider myself a Skyrim expert. I love the game and have over 2,000 hours on it. But finding this Easter egg is just a huge headache. I'm sorry if that joke went over some of your heads. You see the problem is that the Horseman is a Random Encounter. You see, in order to keep the game fun and spontaneous, the game has these random encounters. Basically. when walking in the world, you may encounter a huge list of possible interactions. 95 in total!! That's a lot …

Discovering Avalon and Disappointment: The Bad King Arthur Easter Egg in Skyrim (Edited)

My brother and I used to binge watch episodes of a show called "Merlin". I found it really interesting and I liked the style of adaptation used in the show and my brother liked swords and death (he was a little edgy back then). I then connected it to my favorite video game of all time, Skyrim. I found out that in Skyrim there is a King Arthur themed Easter egg, however you will find it quite disappointing.  West of Whiterun, you will encounter a small "lake". Inside of said lake there is a skeleton's arm. That skeleton is grasping a leveled sword. Approach it and retrieve the sword from the arm, which will then collapse into the water. Unfortunately, the sword isn't special and it is quite boring.  The sword is only leveled so it does not have any special properties and the fact that its outside the first city of Whiterun makes the chances of you running into it early on very possible. If the developers wanted to try and make a quest about it and reference A…